Monday, October 17, 2011

A mini cup of Benedict!

All week I have been craving a really good breakfast, so today I decided to take a little spin on my favorite dish of Eggs Benedict! This isn't the traditional dish, but it sure does the job! The first time I had Eggs Benedict my older brother had made it for me when I was 16. Ever since, it's been my absolute favorite breakfast food!! So here is my version! I only made 6 of them this time (I am only feeding myself, so I don't need to over do it, plus I'm going to test and see how these freeze, never frozen cooked eggs before!?) So if you want to make a full tray, just double all ingredients.
The Hollandaise sauce is inspired by one my very favorite of the Betty's - Betty Crocker. The original recipe calls for a little more lemon juice, and no salt and pepper, but I changed it up just a little bit. The whole recipe took me about 35 minutes to make including bake time. So this is a perfect treat for a morning with guests!

1 can of biscuit dough (you can make your own too, but this helps make it a quick prep)
5 strips of bacon
6 eggs
Non Stick Spray

Hollandaise Sauce:
2 egg yolks
2 1/2 TBS lemon juice
1 stick (1/2 cup) butter - salted

Start by preheating your oven to 350 degrees. 

First I opened the can of biscuits.
Then using a sharp knife cut them length wise in half. It doesn't have to be pretty, you can reshape them later if you don't cut them beautifully. 
Then I sprayed my cupcake pan with non stick spray. I'm a big fan of this stuff, because everything comes out easily, and it makes it even easier to wash the pan when you are done! 

I then ripped the bottom piece of biscuits that I cut in half to make them fit in the bottom of the pan. Just leave the top half aside, you will use it in a minute. You don't want the bottom to be too thick because it puffs up a bit, so don't try to make the whole piece fit. 
I cooked up 5 strips of bacon, then cut them up into small & medium sized pieces. Put them on top of the biscuits. 
Crack one egg on top of the bacon, then season with salt and pepper. 
Put the top half of the biscuits on top of the egg. You don't have to rip the top piece, it just fits perfectly on top. Place in the oven for 20 minutes.
While you wait for the eggs to cook, start your Hollandaise sauce. It isn't as scary as it always sounds, its actually really easy to make.

Start with a small sauce pan, add the lemon juice, and the egg yolks and stir together with a whisk or wooden spoon. I started on very very low heat, you don't want the egg to cook to quickly, or it may curdle. Which is just gross. So keep it on low.
Once combined add half of the stick of butter, and just keep stirring until the butter is melted. 
Add the second half of the stick of butter, and add salt and pepper. You can always add more later too. 
Melt the second stick of butter, and using a whisk, keep stirring until all of the butter is melted. I kept it on low heat and continued cooking for about 5 minutes when the sauce started to thicken a little bit, then set it aside (it will continue to cook a little in the pan so it will thicken some more while you wait).
Once your eggs are done, they look like they have exploded, but trust me, they are so worth it! I did make sure the eggs were fully cooked, I'm not a fan of runny eggs, and because I am trying to freeze them, I don't want anything weird happening... You can cook yours for less time if you want to keep them as the traditional Eggs Benedict with runny yolks.
Cut around the biscuit and remove it from the pan. Top with the hollindaise sauce and enjoy!
I know it isn't a traditional Benedict, but it is so darn tasty, and so easy to make! This might be my new favorite breakfast food! I'll let you know how it goes with freezing these too! I have to go now.. I need to eat a second one... hehe.

Happy breakfast!

cupcake bettie